Sunday, December 4, 2016

Light The World

This chapel is next to the temple in Seoul.  We had Zone Training on Wednesday and were happy to see this huge banner on the building.  It's nice to have a reminder of the reason for the season!

This is our Seoul Zone.  We love these missionaries!  They are planning their activities for December to share the light of the gospel and Light the World.

The missionaries had planned a special surprise for Elder and Sister Cannon to show our love to them.

After our meeting we rode back to the office with the elders.  After they delivered some Book of Mormons to an area, we noticed that traffic was slowing down.  So, we got out and walked the rest of the way home.

There was a small group of protesters coming up the street.  It seems that the police were prepared.

 Police buses lined the street to keep anyone from getting closer to the "Blue House" or President's Mansion.  The buses were very close to each other so no one could get past them.

These buses had stickers or notes all over them.

We did hear some noises from the street that night, but it didn't go too late.

We were a little concerned about going to the branch Christmas party on Saturday afternoon.  We saw some crowds beginning to form.

But when we got into the subway, there were mobs of people coming out to join the crowds.

We had a nice time at the Christmas party though.  There were service projects and crafts for the kids then a nice dinner.

We left before the program ended because we wanted to get off the streets before it got late.  When we came out of the subway, there were mobs of people going back in plus many more coming out.

This is the same intersection from a few hours earlier.  Now they had torches and were marching up the street.  So, we went home and stayed inside.  At least they're peaceful!  It was interesting that we saw much more police presence on Wednesday than on Saturday.

As a service for the members, the Sonksens had an open house for the Seoul Stake Sunday evening.  Everyone enjoyed seeing the Christmas decorations and having cookies and hot chocolate and learning about different Christmas traditions.  They wondered if anyone would come, but lots of people came!  It was fun to meet some more of the Korean members since we usually are with the English branch.  Alan even got to use his Japanese!

This cute little girl's name is Song Ye.  Her English name is "Sunny".

We told her parents that we have a daughter named Sunny too!

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