Sunday, October 16, 2016

October 16, 2016

While we were out looking for pots and pans for the missionaries, we were happy to find a shop that has dresses (hanboks) for our little girls back home!  We had found some at a street market, but they were only there on Sundays.  We were thinking about justifying buying them on Sunday, but happy that we found these instead!

And, we were able to get the pots and pans delivered, so we didn't have to carry them back to the office!  Fast delivery on a motorcycle.  (Watch out for those motorcycles!)

On Friday, we went over to the Seoul South Mission office.  The office couple there, Elder and Sister Black showed us around their office and we were able to share experiences with each other.  And they treated us to a delicious lunch.  Now we know one more thing that we like!  It was seubogumpop.  Seu is shrimp.  The bogumpop part is like a fried rice with black bean paste sauce.  It tastes a lot better than it looks!  (Should have gotten a photo.)

This is a potato pizza from our neighborhood Pizza School.  It's pretty good.

While we were on the south side, we went to the Olympic Park.  The Seoul Summer Olympics were held here in 1988.

I'm not sure why they have a big thumb here, but this is the entrance to the park.

The gymnastics arena

Olympic Swimming Pool

Lots of ways to get around the park.

There are lots of sculptures around the park.  (And in the city for that matter.)

Lots of school kids having a field trip.  Each class has a different color shirt or vest.

All of the venues are in this same location with lots of open space surrounding them.

Here's an interesting way to grow your squash and pumpkins!  Some of them had ropes to help support their weight.

This museum is also part of the park property.  This depicts an earthen wall that was built on this property near the Han River.  It was a fortress back in the day.  

A replica of an ancient boat.

On Saturday we visited a few other sights.  This is a Buddhist temple (Jogyesa Temple).  All decorated in flowers.  This is a maze by the dragons.

Three golden buddahs inside the hall.  We didn't see the no cameras sign until we got up closer.

This place reminds us more of Japan.

When Alan was here a couple months ago, all the displays were of water lillys.

They believe this tree is about 450 years old!

Several bonsai trees were on display with a photo of the person who submitted them.

First time we've seen the guardians made of metal like these.

This is the ceiling of the entry arch.

Next was Unhyeongung Palace.  It is where Emperor Gojong lived before ascending to the throne in the mid 1800s.

These children are preparing for a re-enactment of a school exam.

Every week they do a different historical presentation here.

This cute family was posing for family photos.  It was fun to watch the photographer trying to get the baby's attention.

Finally, was the Jongmyo Shrine.

This has a huge courtyard.  None of these are ornately decorated because it was built as a shrine for deceased kings and queens.  This place is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In such a busy, noisy city, it was nice to enjoy the peaceful surroundings here.

They added on this second courtyard because the first one got too crowded when they had their ceremonies.

When we were walking home from the subway station after church today, we noticed another festival going on.  Surprise!

We watched a couple of different groups perform.

Here is our "little" Jackson Baker Williams who was blessed last Sunday.  He's growing fast!

We were able to listen to a broadcast from Japan tonight.  Elder Bednar is visiting Asia.  It was fun to hear the Japanese translation.  I really did learn some Japanese after all!

They talked about the Area Plan for the Asia North Area.  The brothers had made a list of things they wanted to include in it.  Then they invited the sisters to give their input and they included things like "Joy" and "Love" and "Happiness" rather than just a list of things we have to do.

If we ask ourselves "Is what I'm doing helping me feel closer to the Spirit of the Lord, or making me feel farther away, it will give us direction for our decisions.  The spiritual gifts only come to us in order for us to bless the lives of others.  If we seek the gifts for ourselves, they will not come.

The Area Plan is ... "Because we want to live with Heavenly Father again, we Love, Elevate, Simplify, Strive, Strengthen, Invite And, Find Joy in the gospel of Jesus Christ."

We will have the opportunity to have a meeting with Elder Bednar this week with our mission and the Seoul South mission.  It's going to be great!

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