Friday, June 3, 2016

May 2016

The big project we had to take care of in May is getting the house painted.  The HOA sent out notices to everyone in the neighborhood.  We were able to find someone to help us take care of it.  After getting the colors approved, we bought the paint and they showed up ready to get busy.

They were halfway done before I realized I did not have a "before" photo.

It took two weekends and they did a very good job.

We spent some more time in Queen Creek while Heather and Nate took a little vacation to Las Vegas.  They're celebrating their 10th anniversary this summer.  We had lots of fun with the girls.

The kiddos were having lots of end of school and Mother's Day activities.  This is at Chloe's preschool.  It is in her teacher's home it is such a fun little school.

We loved cheering on Jacob & Michael's volleyball team.  They were the champions of their region and made it to the semi-finals for state!

We spent a little time back in Douglas with Chelsea and the boys while Lamar was away at a baseball tournament.

Damon had a T Ball practice

The kids were distracted by this helicopter.  It was filling up the bucket to fight a fire in the mountains.

Dylan was more interested in the splash pad.

We also visited the pool in town

We all got worn out!

Michael has one of our May birthdays.  I can't believe he's 15!

Alan and I went to visit one of our favorite places in Tucson.  The Gaslight Theater is always fun.  The show was "The Rise of the Sheik" about "Sheik Yerbutti"!

Jacob and his friend didn't know we were there too until they spotted me taking the picture!

Our Kanela turned 8 this month!  There were two children from Vail Ward baptized.  It was a very sweet service.

Sandy's sisters came from Orem.

Karli did a great job on her musical number.

The Glass and Anderson children sang too

So happy we could be here for this special occasion!

Then it was pool party time!

Our cousins sent us this photo for Memorial Day to show the new headstone for our brother.  Families are Forever!

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