Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Family Home Evening

Sister Yamagishi from the Nagamachi Ward

Monday was our Family Night once again.  President & Sister Smith planned a special "Talent Night."  We watched the LDS video of the Parable of the Talents in English and Japanese.  We were pleased to enjoy some lovely talents of a few people.

Sister Yamagishi played the traditional instrument the koto.  It is a very interesting instrument.  To change the pitches, the frets under the strings can be moved.  The strings are plucked like a harp.

This is the sheet music!

We also had Sister L play her violin

And, the Smiths invited our dentist's wife to come and bring one of her puppets.

And, Sister Smith and I have a talent for choosing the same colors!

We made a quick trip up to Ishinomaki for some bicycle issues.  It was a beautiful day.

It looks like they have reinforced this hill to keep it standing.  There is a shrine at the top.  We could see the red gate up there.

The river was quite high after all the rain we had recently.

This corner lot is being prepared for a new house (we think).  The workers have been there for several weeks.  And they always have someone to direct traffic.

He noticed that I was taking his photo and gave me a good smile!

We had our regular meetings on Sunday.  Saturday's first session of Conference started at 1 am Sunday morning our time, so we will watch a recording of the broadcast at church next week.  Some of our members will have watched conference already next week, so after our meetings, we had a little farewell for Elder H who is going home next week.  No food this time since it was Fast Sunday, but everyone got a chance to thank him for his service.

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