Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Senior Couple, MLC, Zone Training, Tanabata, Tucson Temple

We are blessed to welcome a new senior couple to the mission.  Elder and Sister Honma are LAH (Live at Home) Member and Leadership Support.  We are happy to have them!

We went to the dentist for teeth cleaning this week (the bottom teeth) and were treated to another puppet show.  This was a cat singing Tony Orlando's Tie a Yellow Ribbon.  Such nice people.

It was MLC on Wednesday

Here are our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders

Wednesday night was the big celebration for Sendai.  We could hear the fireworks, but we didn't venture out.  We had been out in the afternoon to the market and ran into quite a bit of traffic so we decided to lay low.  We did feel an earthquake that evening (for our excitement.)

On Thursday, we went back out to Kakuda to teach English.

The rice fields have changed from green to yellow-ish as the heads of the rice are developing.

Our little tomato plants have produced only a few tomatoes, but this was a good one.

On Friday, we were invited to the Zone Training Meeting.  Here are our Zone leaders

And our sweet Sister Training Leader

We gave a short presentation on some English phrases that might be confusing to non-native English speakers.  There's plenty to choose from!

Here are our current and some former Tagajo Elders

Afterwards, we ate lunch at a hamburger place (Teddy's) and then walked to the park in the city to see part of the celebrations.

Chocolate covered bananas with lots of different toppings

We drove past the mall, but didn't make the walk through.  Thousands of people were there.

On Saturday, we visited a Buddist temple and graveyard. 

They have a beautiful pagoda here.

And a Japanese Garden

A big bell

which you are not supposed to strike.

We were surprised to find some Japanese Donkeys!

It is a very big graveyard.  This next week is Obon, which is a time to remember your ancestors and visit their graves.  This will be crowded with visitors next week.

I have been spoiled this week with birthday surprises!

Just a few of my surprises from our dear friends.  My DH even took me shopping at the outlet mall!

I was overwhelmed with the many birthday wishes from all over the world!  South America, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and all over the US and Japan.  I am truly blessed!

And happy news from home.  The Church has announced the ground breaking for the Tucson Temple!  It will be in October.  Look at that beautiful Arizona sky!

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