Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 19, 2015

I loved seeing the beautiful sky and clouds on the way home from church today.  We have had so many cloudy days that we love seeing the blue sky!

This week when he headed to English, we thought, well, if no kids come tonight, we'll just come home early.  But, kids did come.  Practically every one we have ever had all came on the same night!

We had to divide up into two groups because some of them are better at English.  Elder B took the older group.  But we had to be in the same room.

They all enjoyed the game afterwards.

We went back out to Kakuda this Thursday.  Last week they were shut down.  Many of the employees went on the company trip to Osaka's Universal Studios Japan.  One of our students brought goodies for us.  Cute little cookies with a character on them.  This one had Big Bird.  We didn't know the name of the little pink character on the package.  I told them I'd ask my grandkids for help.

It's going to be Transfer Week again.  The phone calls went out this weekend.  We are losing three of our Tagajo elders.  One is returning home, the other two are transferring.  We will get one elder from another area plus two sisters (!)  One of them will be fresh from the MTC.

We took a group photo for our returning elder.  As he spoke in church today, it was like getting to hear a homecoming talk.  He has truly come to love the people of Japan.

The ward gave him a going home card and let everyone express their good wishes.  It's going to be another week with lots of goodbyes!

Our big news from home this week is that these two little boys are getting a new baby brother for Christmas!  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

We heard that a new couple has been called to serve as humanitarian missionaries in Astana, Kazakhstan.  It is the same assignment we had a few years ago.  We wish them all the best and know that they will come to love the Kazakh people like we did.  And, they are from our same stake in Tucson!  Amazing!

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