Sunday, May 3, 2015

Family Home Evening, Transfer Week, Miyako

It was the fourth Monday of the month, so Monday was Family Home Evening.

We started with a nice musical number from the Nagamachi missionaries

Then the elders gave us chopsticks and a challenge to see who could build the strongest, tallest tower with them

The winning team!

A brother brought some bamboo shoots for Sister Smith and showed us how to cut them.

We saw these houses being knocked down across the street from the post office.  Seems like somethings always being knocked down or built up around here.

We picked up a group of five new missionaries on Tuesday.  (Four sisters and one elder.)  The plane was even on time!

They looked even better after a good night's sleep.

These four elders are / have been assistants to the president

These are the new zone and sister training leaders.  Their training was on Thursday.

We also had a former Sendai missionary come by with his wife.  They were visiting Japan and dropped in to say hello.

These four sisters completed their mission this week.

And these five elders also completed their missions.

Three of the missionaries were picked up by their parents.  It is sweet to see the reunions.

We got to drive Sister Stice to the airport.  Her father is now teaching at the university in Astana Kazakhstan!  So we told her all the best things we know about Kazakhstan!

On Saturday we drove up to Miyako to help the elders move into a different place.

It is a good size house with a little tiny kitchen.

They've got some organizing ahead of them.

But it was worth it, because then we got to go see the National Park.

The kids were feeding seagulls and skipping rocks.

On Sunday, we had a fun surprise.  Brother (Elder) Katayama was serving in Tagajo when we first came to Japan.  It was great to see him again!

And, hooray for our grandson, Michael.  Our newest Eagle Scout!

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