Sunday, April 26, 2015

Another great week in Sendai!

The Sakura season is ending.  On one of our trips to the bicycle shop, we stopped at a park with many cherry trees.  Last weekend, it was too crowded to go up the road with so many people having picnics.  Since this was a week day, we were able to drive up and enjoy the view and the tail end of the blossom season.

Lots of petals have fallen to the ground

A group of school children was there and preparing to leave

In their colorful bus

The super hero bread head is puzzling to me!

The trees have gone from bare to bright green so quickly!

Saturday was our Stake Women's Conference

We made these cute paper Tokyo Temples

The stake presidency did a skit like a Japanese game show!

The Nagamachi Ward and sister missionaries did a beautiful musical number.  It was a song written after the earthquake and tsunami.

The young women sang their new theme song "Embark"

This week, we were happy to receive a special letter from our youth in our home ward.  Thanks to our youth and their leaders!

Our young mother is going to her mother's home to prepare for their new son's arrival.  And transfers are coming up this next week.  These two elders are moving on to new areas. So it was time for another "Linger Longer" at the Tagajo Ward.

Only one of the reasons that missionaries love to serve in Tagajo!

We were so very happy to hear that the church has created a new mission.  It will include our former area Kazakhstan.  Along with Turkey, Azerbaijan, Krygyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.  We were able to visit four of those countries.  There are a few members scattered about.  We met some members in Tajikistan and Krygyzstan who were not part of our mission.  The mission will have only five branches!  (Three in Turkey and two in Kazakhstan.)  That will be an amazing experience for those who are called to go there!  We will be interested to hear about the work there.

When we were first called, Kazakhstan was part of the Russia Moscow West Mission, then it was reassigned to the Russia Novosibirsk Mission in 2012.  Now it will be in the new Central Eurasian Mission.  We pray that the work will go forward in an amazing way in an amazing place!

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  1. It is always a pleasure to see what the talented, world traveling Andersons are doing:). Loved seeing the pictures of Japan & your family. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.