Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Andersons! FHE, Santa! #Sharethegift

Our Christmas Greetings from the Andersons far and wide!  Most of our children were able to get together in Tucson the Saturday before Christmas.  Only our son in Idaho and his family and we were missing.  Maybe next year we can all be together!  Here's a few of our favorites to share:

Sunny and Sam's family

Danno's missing his two front teeth!

Will's wife Sandy and two of their little angels.  Thanks for throwing such a fun party!  We got to skype to see some of the fun.  Love you all!

Heather and Nate without their girls

Chelsea and Lamar and the boys

Sunny and Chelsea

Nolan and Keree and our Idaho kiddos

Our youngest son, Seth with our oldest grandson, Jacob

Sunny with Heather's baby Paisley Grace

Sam is sharing some love with Michael

Sunny and Sam's little princess Amber

Chelsea and Lamar and the boys spent a little time in Utah and got to visit with Grandma Anderson.  They also got to run into Nolan and his family.  They hadn't seen each other since Damon was born 3 and a half years ago.

Meanwhile, back in Japan....We had Family Home Evening on Monday night.  We had some amazing music.

Sister Odate had been working with the missionaries to prepare a special treat for us.

Plus another special musical number.

President and Sister Smith's daughter has come for a visit too!

Then we got to watch the mission Christmas video.  It's so fun to see all of our missionaries.  We had a great time.  (Someone even called the police because we were a little noisy!)

It's always fun to see how many shoes are here.

Tuesday was another special day.  It was the Emperor's birthday, so there was limited mail delivery and lots of people had the day off.  Several of the wards had their Christmas party on this day.  Tagajo's party was Tuesday evening.  There were more people there than we've ever seen at a ward activity.

We watched a video of "The Gift"

The Relief Society sang a couple of songs.

The missionaries put on a skit

And Santa-san came!

I told Santal-san that I was surprised that he could speak Japanese.  He said "Of course I speak Japanese!  When I'm in China, I speak Chinese".  He asked us where we're from.  Then he said he gets over to Arizona about once a year.  But of course, he goes everywhere every year!

And of course, in Tagajo, there's going to be lots of food!

We had to get Sister S. back so she could have her phone call from her missionary daughter who is serving in the Tokyo South mission.

Later that night, she called us and had bumped her head, so we had a trip to the hospital with her.  And the next day, some follow up visits.

Kind of wore us out!

That afternoon we had our Christmas Eve District Meeting/Party with the Tagajo missionaries.

It's always fun to spend time with them.  The best part was sharing our favorite scriptures and love for the Savior.

Then, it was time for Eikaiwa.  It was a small crowd, but very good.  We watched "The Gift" and the elders taught the 12 Days of Christmas Song.  Try explaining that in a foreign language!  I was able to find some French Hens and Turtle Doves on Google.

We had one lady that came for the first time.  She seemed to really enjoy herself.

And the sisters fixed a beautiful Christmas Cake.

And of course, fried chicken!  And hot chocolate!

On Christmas Day, we went to the movies with the Taylors.  We saw the Hobbit.  It was in English (and Elvish) with Japanese subtitles.  Not a whole lot of dialogue in the movie anyway.  The most fun part was watching the theater empty from the previous show.  Everyone brought their own trash out with them.

And sorted it in the trash bins.

And the kids bring their booster seats out

And stack them on the shelves.  Then the attendants go in and sweep up the few crumbs of popcorn that are on the floor and they're all set for the next showing.

When we got back to the office, we found lots of surprises for us.  Several of our friends had come by to give us some gifts.  So very thoughtful!  Plus lots of treats from our Tagajo ward members.

Friday brought even more fun.  Another trip to the driver's license place.  And, a different driver's test guy.  He was even more picky that the other guy.  So, just when you think you know what they're looking for, there's a whole other set of requirements to watch for.  The next try will be in February.  They said they have so many people in their schedule.  Well, duh!  (They only test five people a day.)  If they'd pass someone once in a while, they wouldn't be so busy!  Anyway.....

But we went to a grocery store over by the DMV and found a big hunk of meat!  Roast beef for dinner tomorrow!

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