Sunday, November 23, 2014

Stake Conference, El Tour de Tucson

President and Sister Smith returned from their conference last week in Osaka.  It was fun to hear about their experiences.  When they asked when our mission is going to be getting iPads, the mission president from Guam answered "When we get electricity!"  So it's all about perspective.  And, still no news.

We enjoyed hearing about the Phoenix Temple dedication last week.  The west valley is the area where my family lived for many years.  My sister's family had a special opportunity to spend a little time with President and Sister Uchtdorf and their daughter.  They all lived in the same ward back in the 1970s when he (Pres. U.) was training at Luke AFB.

We can't wait to go visit the new temple too.

On Wednesday, we had some children come to Eikaiwa again.  It's been a few weeks with no children.  This was a different group than we've had before.  I had my "Brown Bear" pages ready.

We had fun together.  For snacks, someone brought some nice fresh crickets!!

Sister I thinks they're great!  My DH said he'd eat one if I'd eat one, but I didn't fall for it this time!

Even though the weather's cooling down, there are still blossoms on some of them!  There are leaves all over the place too.  The elders sweep them up every morning and the next day, they do it all over again.

Alan was supposed to have a dentist appointment on Wednesday, but we totally spaced it.  So we went over the other day ready to apologize profusely and brought some carrot cake for them.  They were not a bit upset.  So happy to see us!  Come on in, we'll take care of your tooth right now!  We had also brought photos of our family to share.  The doctor's wife said she was going to write me a letter, but it will be in Japanese!

We also had a few errands to take care of this week.  We got snow tires put on the car.  They say it's going to snow in December, so the car will be ready for that at least.  We bought a heater for the apartment, but we haven't tried using it yet.  To be continued ......

We had stake conference this weekend.  It was fun to see several of the missionaries we hadn't seen for a while and also members from other wards.  It's amazing how many people we know already!

One of our speakers Saturday night was a young man who just returned to Japan from his mission to Atlanta, Georgia!  He said he was very surprised to get called there.  He will be going to BYU Provo soon.

We went to dinner Saturday night at a Korean barbeque place in the mall.  The decorations are up already.  The sign says "Clis Road"  (Christmas Road)

Sister Konoko always looks so beautiful in her kimonos.  (Sorry, Sister Smith, I caught you with your eyes shut!)  President and Sister Smith both spoke on Sunday.  And Sister Smith did it all in Japanese!  Very impressive!

This weekend back in Tucson was the El Tour de Tucson.  We started doing an aid station for this bicycle race that goes around the city back in 1985 or so.  Our family is carrying on the tradition for us.  Here's a few of our grandkids "helping"

And, a special shout-out to President Rasmussen (our former mission president who went home in June) for riding 100 km this year!

Looks like it was a beautiful day in Tucson!

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