Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February is Behind Us!

You might get the idea that weather rules our lives around here.  It's not exactly true, but it is always interesting.  We've lived in the desert too long I think.  When we see sunshine in the morning, we expect that it will get warmer during the day!  But not so!

We have actually warmed up above freezing for a little while.  Just enough for the ice to get slushy and very slippery.  Then it froze again and is even more slippery.  And even if the temperature is higher, the wind blows harder just to make up the difference!

We saw this little girl at a bus stop the other day.  She was coming from school by herself and while waiting for her bus she was entertaining herself by finding some fresh snow to walk in.  Then she tried to clean off her boots with her handkerchief.  She was fun to watch but I'm sorry I didn't get a view of her face.

Many of the ice sculptures have been taken down around town.  Now they are putting up light fixtures in the shape of tulips for spring.

This one spans the street by our apartment.
You can actually see most of the roof of the school behind our apartment building.  I think the wind took some of it off and the sun helped some too.  Until it snowed again the next day!
When it was snowing and blowing this afternoon, we wondered if it was really a good idea to go out with the elders for their teaching appointment.  It turned out to be a great experience and we felt happy we were able to be there and witness a growing testimony as these young elders teach the gospel to our new friend.

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