Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2013!  So it seems that New Year's is a huge thing around here.  The fireworks went well past midnight from all over town.  Some were right in our courtyard!  It was a good thing we had a nap earlier.

The next day everything was shut down.  There was hardly any traffic or activity.  Very interesting!

The afternoon of New Year's Eve we went over to see the ice sculptures by Mega Mall.  The city has set up several places around town with skating rinks, ice mazes and slides.  It was a big attraction and a lot of people were taking advantage of it and enjoying themselves. 

We enjoyed watching for quite a while.  Here's a few of our favorite photos.

I think this is a three generation photo.  The pink thing the man is holding is a baby all bundled up against the cold.  You cannot believe all the layers they put on these little ones!  And the sculptures of Grandfather Frost and his Granddaughter helper are all over town.

This little guy has his own little sled.  They just sit on it and hold onto the handle and down they go!


They are not so good at "taking turns".  They'll go as soon as they can get ready.  You better move out of the way at the bottom.  This is strictly "use at your own risk!"  You can see that it's shiny.  It is very very icy!  Straight ice!

We saw a few big pile ups at the bottom.  If you don't get out of the way in time, watch out!  There were a few kids knocked down and hit their heads on the ice.  Ouch!

Here's an ice maze and a wild cat.  At night they have colored lights on everything and it looks beautiful!

And you can get your photo taken with Grandfather Frost!

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